Why should I have a fully customized Android app?

In App Creation, App Ideas by Yasiga ICTHub Team

Now, there many reasons why you will want to make a fully customized Android application.

1. Look: You need to consider the look of your app. In order to make the most of your app, you will want your app to stand out and be different from all other apps already available on the app store market. If you used a template to make your app, your app will defitely look exactly like many other apps on the market, hence, it’s important that you make your app from code to make the app more suitable to your unique idea.

2. Branding: Whether you are an existing business or a newly formed Android app startup business, all businesses should be known through it’s own brand. Take a look at Apple for instance, from a distance you would know what the this brand stand for just by seeing their logo. In order in to succeed in marketing, visual branding is vital.

3. Features: Consider adding extra features to your app as this is also an important factor when planning your Android app business startup. Through codes you can create more features as pop up rate, click to call, share app, etc.