About Us

Yasiga ICTHub is a tech hub and IT development agency based in Nigeria. We create websites; build mobile apps and startup businesses using web and mobile technologies. We also offer IT training to individuals, schools and organizations by offering our services as a hub to would-be internet entrepreneurs and upcoming startups looking to incubate with us. Now, with regard to training, we are more concern about having an idea, being able to sit before computer and turn that idea into something tangible (that is, that solves a problem)… and make money from it. Our mission is to help individuals, businesses, institutions and organizations have their brand name on their customers’ Android and iOS smart phones or other platforms or devices through web and mobile applications to promote sales, loyalty and connectivity affordably.

Almost everyone own a smart phone today and according to studies conducted over the past few years, mobile usage is increasing drastically every single day. People are spending more time using mobile apps rather than browsing through the web or internet on their personal computers. Smart phones are being used to access the internet, to read books, to shop, to play games, to make reservations and so much more.

These smart phones are powered by mobile apps and as an individual, business, institution or organization, mobile apps should strongly be considered when identifying possible strategies that can help you generate more customers, loyalty, sales and profits.

A lot of organizations are making use of mobile apps in order to extend their reach to an audience that is practically glued to their smartphones. These apps allow direct communication, such as customers being able to receive alerts whenever you release a new product or service.

If you ‘ve ever heard the phrase, “ there’s an App for That…” it’s true… there’s an app for just about anything consumers could ever want to do on their mobile devices.

Local businesses today are usually looking for one thing – and that’s more customers. Web and mobile apps can help you achieve this goal by improving your business brand recognition and allowing you to build a relationship with your customers in a personal way.

Planning and having a web and/or mobile app developed isn’t difficult. However, it can seem like a foreign language to anyone who hasn’t dealt in the web and mobile arena on a marketing level.

This is why Yasiga ICTHub specializes in helping local businesses create and market their web and/or mobile applications in a way that makes sense for their businesses.

In view of the above, and with the impressive track record of your organization, we look forward to partnering with you in the nearest future.

For inquiries and further information, feel free to contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation if you would like to know more about web and mobile applications so you can decide if they ‘re right for you.

Create Website

Become web developer, Learn how to create beautiful, responsive website or online shop.

Build Mobile Apps

Become app developer, Learn how to design, build, and publish mobile apps from scratch.

Startup Business

Become internet entrepreneur, learn how to get idea, plan, and raise fund for your business.

Digital Marketing

Become a digital marketing expert; get the digital skills you need to grow your business, your career.

How we work.

1 Tell us your idea by choosing your App or Game or Website template you love from Marketplaces. Our Web and App Templates cover a wide range of categories: games, business, productivity, dating, chat, video and much more.

2 Let us Launch your App or Game or Website Idea. We will take care of all the steps required to create and launch your own App or Game or Website. If you do not have any coding or design skills you don't have to worry, we will manage the entire process on your behalf.

3 Start making money. We will publish your App or Game or Website to the leading marketplaces, including the Apple AppStore, Google Play, the Amazon Appstore, Top Search Engines. You will start making money immediately!